Combining his heart warming voice (often likened to that of John Mayer) & captivating stage presence; South African born/Australian grown singer-songwriter David Lazarus, is an artist you'll see once, and forever be a fan. 

David has toured all over the world; taking 1000's of people on a completely unique, engaging and moving musical journey. 

David has an extremely unique ability to create pindrop silence; only to have the whole room dancing on tables moments later. 


As a songwriter; David's acoustic/folk-pop tunes are filled with heartfelt stories of personal endeavours. Much of his music is inspired by his family (in particular his 5 sister), relationships and life on the road.

As a cover artist; David takes his unique 'one-man-band' style and applies to every song he plays. In a standard set, you'll hear anything from Jack Johnson to Drake to Shaggy to Disney - and everything in-between. 


David has supported the likes of Joshua Radin & Ingrid Michaelson in concert. 

David's shows are always a wonderful experience; filled with moments you won't soon forget.